Friday, November 30, 2007

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 Review (UGO - UnderGroundOnline)

<BR>-For the fight fan, Yuke's "WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2008 is an exciting prospect. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> ; (WWE) OVW Development Territory Closing Down? (The Wrestling News Page)

<BR>-Development of WWE territory Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), has seen better days and by far its future seems questionable. Slowly but surely talent is moving from OVW in Florida Championship Wrestling letting her register with a thin 12-15 contracts when the wrestlers normally used to be 35-40. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> WWE Smackdown Preview - On The Edge of Destruction? (Lords of Pain)

<BR> - WWE Smackdown Preview - On The Edge of destruction? Submitted by Errol Leigh Farrell Friday, November 30, 2007 at 8:48 AM EST WWE Smackdown Preview - On The Edge of destruction? <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> WWE AWARDED MANAGER OF JELUTONG SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT (Sin Chew Jit Poh)

<BR>-WWE HOLDINGS reported that the company had 13 Nov, 2007 has been appointed as contractor for a period of two years at a contract value of RM31.1m to operate the jelutong Sewage Treatment Facilities. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> (WWE) Steve Austin On 3 Hour Special, Hogan Gladiators Note (The Wrestling News Page)

<BR> - - It is almost a done deal that Steve Austin will be on the special edition 3 hours of Raw. WWE expect to announce soon. Austin is, in fact, promoting 12/10 special tomorrow. <BR> <BR > </ Pag> <hr height='1'> (WWE) Flair Spotted Dancing, Cena's DVD Tops Charts, More (The Wrestling News Page)

<BR> - -- has added an article today talking about WWE Superstar Ric Flair attending the Stevie Wonder concert yesterday evening at Bobcats Arena. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> (WWE) Batista's Luxury Automobiles, SD! Rating Correction (The Wrestling News Page)

<BR> - -- WWE World Heavyweight Champion Batista is featured in this issue fall of Celebrity Car magazine. In it he has with his fleet of luxury cars, a Mercedes-Benz SL500, BMW 745i, and a Hummer. He said, "I, which originally bought [SL500] for my wife. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> (WWE) WWE Ratings Fall, More On USA In HD, DVD News (The Wrestling News Page)

<BR> - -- The USA network will be available in High Definition of Comcast customers in the majority the markets beginning December 6. As I said yesterday, WWE is working to get all their programs in HD for the next year. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Chris Masters Discusses Painkiller Usage, Being Let Go By WWE, Next In-Ring Appearance, More (Lords of Pain)

<BR>-Chris Mordetzky (a / k / a Chris Masters), was the Daily Suplex Radio yesterday evening. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> WWE CW Title Vacated, Y2J Update, Beth, More (Wrestling News)

<BR> --Recent media reports indicate that WWE Superstar Chris Jericho is now making his the house is in Los Angeles, CA, Tampa, FL. - Terry sent the following: I have not seen this mentioned anywhere, but 'Superstars page lists the WWE Cruiserweight Championship as "VACATED."<BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> news headlinesFree RecipesPhilippines Business DirectoryAdsense revenue sharing

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