Sunday, November 04, 2007

Roddy Piper - News headline

WWE News: The Condemned update, WWE DVD sales, Roddy Piper news (Lords of Pain)

<BR> - As of October 28, Steve Austin's The Condemned is up to $ 17.62 million in DVD rentals. For those who attend the Horrorhound Weekend Convention in Indianapolis November 16-18, Roddy Piper was originally scheduled to appear, but his name was quitly removed from the website. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> THIS DAY IN HISTORY: A MOVIE STARRING A WRESTLER HITS THEATRES AND FINISHES NUMBER ONE FOR THE WEEKEND (PWinsider)

<BR>-On this day in history ... . Heavyweight Title in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which ends Rhodes' tenth, and final, run with the belt. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> (WWE) ECW Rating, Condemned Update, Piper, More (The Wrestling News Page)

<BR> - -- This week edition of ECW on Sci Fi did a 1.6 cable rating. This is from last week 1.5. It seems that the crossover SmackDown is helping the band as ratings are up 25% in the previous week. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> BIG GIMMICK MATCH SET FOR SURVIVOR SERIES, AUSTIN, PIPER, DVD NEWS AND MORE (PWinsider)

<BR>-Bob Kalinowski reporting. ... I just read the Smackdown results that had on the site and noticed that there was a statement that Batista and Undertaker agreed Hell in a Cell match for what appears as one of the main events Survivor Series during their opening interview segment. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> REY MYSTERIO, JERICHO TALKS, LUGER HEALTH UPDATE, 24-7 (PWinsider)

<BR>-Eric Blattberg submitted this article. ... I just caught Chris Jericho on CW11 news broadcast. He and Jill Nicolini has talked about a couple of things, namely his book, A Lion's Tale and The SaveUs campaign. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> THIS DAY IN HISTORY: BRET HART QUITS WWF, SIGNS WITH WCW (PWinsider)

<BR>-On this day in history ... . 1949 - NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) World Heavyweight Champion Orville Brown was injured in a car accident, forcing him to retire. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> WWE 24/7, AND MSG CLASSICS UPDATES, OVW TV TITLE CHANGE, UNBELIEVABLY INSULTING ANGLE IN WWE DEVELOPMENTAL AND MORE (PWinsider)

<BR> - Colt Cabana won the OVW TV title last night Shawn Spears. If you believe this can (and can not penetrate into the world, it would be this book in 2007), last weekend, the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV described a segment in which Justin LaRouche was in full black face makeup mocking Charles "The Hammer"Evans (who is African American), with his face and arms painted black while wearing an afro. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Steve Travis and the dawn of the Drug Era (Slam! Sports)

<BR> - When she learned that the assassinated Chris Benoit seven years wife and son at the end of June, before taking his own life, a former wrestler Steve Musulin, has been, like most people, sick to his stomach. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> Baby-faced Belichick piles it on again (Eagle-Tribune Online)

<BR> - FOXBORO-Bill Belichick ripped off headphones as the clock rolled off New England's 52-7 throttling of the Redskins and immediately embraced his youngest son, Brian. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> SPW 10/28/07 - New Jack, plus Hardcore Ironman Title Match (Lords of Pain)

<BR> PWS-Halloween Show Results Sunday, October 28 - St. Peter's Hall in Sacramento, Ca. <BR> <BR> </ Pag> <hr height='1'> news headlinesFree RecipesPhilippines Business DirectoryAdsense revenue sharing

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