Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Show rehearsal, pictures, Oak Harbor WA 4/19/2006

Pictures taken at show rehersal Oak Harbor, WA 4/19/2006

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Show promoter Shawn Cain 360-679-4980

"The grappler" Lenny Denton Rod's manager

Director of Marketing Gary Evans 866-605-6431

Later that same day

Roddy Piper is doing a movie in Vancouver BC and will be in Bellingham WA today doing a ESPN live interview for the upcoming 2 hour show at the Mount Baker Theatre on April the 28th..


KarmasWrestlingRetro said...

Ah,those are great shots,Rod is still looking mighty HOT! And in great shape to boot! Thanks for those!

edward przydzial said...

hey roddy that guy gary evans from is a rip off!!! don't associate with his thieving ass! he's bad news. rip off artist!