Sunday, February 11, 2007

60"Charter Sailboat w/Wharfside B & B For Sale

MUST SELL 65 foot ketch rigged motor sailor harbored in Friday Harbor WA. in the San Juan Islands. For more information about the San Juan Islands click HERE

This Wharf side B & B / Charter sailboat has been in business for over 20 years. Take a look at last years web site HERE
The Slow Season has idle moorage as you’ll see as you watch the video. HERE

We would consider selling just the charter business with moorage but would rather sell the boat business as a package. Lets talk give me a call at 866-605-6431

As you may of noticed when looking at last years web site that the Slow Season isn’t open for business until April. The Slow Season is scheduled to be hauled out some time in February so bottom paint can be applied. I will provide another video of it out of the water at that time.

Charter Captain service available ( USCG approved ) Capt Terry Sanders. Check out his web site HERE
I know you’ll have lots of questions. I can be contacted by phone PST at 866-605-6431 or email at MANY MORE PICTURES HERE

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